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Life Update [20 Feb 2008|06:26pm]
(Pre Note:  Yes this is the same thing I posted on Facebook, but I'm reprinting it here for the sake of those who don't use Facebook and might still use LJ.  Namely, Sarah Torbeck :-) )

Every day, people come up to me on the street and ask me how my life is. Well, this is a big question, and it warrants a lengthy explanation. I know not everybody has been asking, but I have the time, and if I've tagged you, I'm guessing you might be interested to know what's going on. (There's nothing huge really going on, so if you didn't read this, you could probly get on with your life and be alright...like, I don't have cancer or anything like that.) And thus, I have broken it down into a few sections.


I just started a new job working Front of House for Team Shakespeare/Short Shakespeare at Chicago Shakespeare Theater. What happens is that schools come to CST to see shows, like on a field trip. My job is to pretty much get them from the bus to the theatre, seat them, watch them during the show, and clean up after they leave. The plus side of it is that I get to see the shows for free, like everyday. Right now they're showing Othello - which is a fantastic full-length production - and a 75-min Romeo and Juliet - WHICH IS FUCKING AMAZING, as long as you don't mind A LOT of cuts. The people I work with are awesome, bosses are awesome, the people I don't work with but still work there are awesome, the view is awesome, the pay is...well, adequate. Overall, I'm very content (although I have eight more weeks in which it could turn sour, but I doubt it will).

I am still working at Ted's Montana Grill in Bolingbrook. I love everybody who works there, love the food, and hate put up with endure the customers. I'm pretty much going to be working there only nights, mostly weekend nights, through about April.

I'm still looking for a more permanent job for when I move to the city, which leads me to my second point.


I am still living with the parents, who I probly wouldn't mind so much if they didn't bug me all the time about where I am going and what I am doing. It's looking like I will be moving to the north side of the city (that being Chicago) in April or May, and I'm very excited about it!


I have not been focusing much on acting in the last few months for a few reasons. I've been really busy with work, and vacations, and friends, that I haven't really had time to think about it. I was sick for about two weeks, and am still feeling the effects of it. It's fucking cold out. I've been instead focusing my efforts on saving up money so that I can move out soon and start my career.

That being said, I was in a cool show in November called In My Life. It was a musical which bombed on Broadway a few years ago, and Jedlicka Performing Arts Center in Cicero was the first to dive for the rights. I auditioned and got cast in the Ensemble, which was an awesome experience. I met some really awesome people, and the show, while no "Sweeney Todd", was pretty cool in its own quirky way and was well-received by most audiences.

I just auditioned for a musical on Monday, and I'll let you know how it goes. I don't want to get anybody's hopes up (particularly mine).


Um, there was a thing, with a boy who I liked, we ended on a good note, still friends and such. So if you knew about that, that's how it is. If not, you can ask me about it, it's cool if you're interested. I just don't want to necessarily broadcast my love life on facebook.


Just in terms of general life, I've been working out a lot, and trying to stay healthy, watching a lot of TV (Lost, Project Runway, American Idol) on the DVR, seeing plays when I can. I drive A LOT. EVERYWHERE. I'm kinda getting sick of it, but meh, what can you do? This weather is riddick, no? I got a haircut which is kinda different. Going to see the Foo Fighters Monday. Watch The History Boys, it's BRILLIANT.

I hope everybody's doing well, and I miss you all fiercely. My thoughts and sympathies are with everybody at Northern, with people who have friends and family at Northern, or just generally shook by the event.

Love You All,

P.S. If I haven't tagged you, don't take it personal. Leave a comment if you like, I won't think you're a stalker...but other people* might.

P.P.S. If you didn't really care to read this and I tagged you, that's okay too. Just write "Fuck You" as a comment. I won't think you're an asshole...but other people* might.

*Other people may also include voices in my head.
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[10 Mar 2007|08:27pm]
I have a bunch of movies On Demand which i can watch.  This list is more for me than anybody, but if anyone has any suggestions, let me know!

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[06 Feb 2007|04:10am]
ohhh this movie has MAJOR potential!!

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[31 Jan 2007|11:42am]
From an advertisement for 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee:

Mr. Coneybear, your word is "Tailgating."
DEFINITION:  Engaging in pre-game celebration, usually in a parking-lot setting.
USE IN A SENTENCE:  "While tailgating, Colts fan Cindy sometimes gets mustard in her mustache."

mwahahaha stupid redneck bad hygiene Indiana.
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[23 Jan 2007|12:54am]


Little Miss Sunshine
The Departed
The Queen
United 93

ok, Babel's a favorite, BUT it really only won the Golden Globes, meaning the FOREIGN PRESS awarded it.  It was very polarizing in its critical response in America.  This is why i think the Academy will slide in United 93.  Easily the best and most important film of 2006, it will follow in the steps of Crash as a topical American film released in May(ish?) that will reveal itself as a dark horse.  I think Letters From Iwo Jima or Children of Men or even Borat are possibilities to displace The Queen as well.

Forest Whitaker, The Last King of Scotland
Leo DiCaprio, The Departed
Peter O'Toole, Venus
Will Smith, The Pursuit of Happyness
Sacha Baron Cohen, Borat

yeah, that's right, i think BORAT is going to slip in there over the always brilliant and deserving Ryan Gosling.  Gosling is just too indy, and people want a laugh (see: Johnny Depp).  I think it's also possible Gosling could upset Will Smith, but that's in too perfect a world for this one.

The rest of the races are pretty straight-forward, but I do think Emily Blunt in The Devil Wears Prada might upset over Abigail Breslin for Little Miss Sunshine.


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[12 Jan 2007|11:24pm]

Capricorn December 22 - January 19

Attempts at self-medicating with alcohol will once again fail to treat your rampant alcoholism.


Touche, The Onion.  Touche.

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[06 Jan 2007|08:17pm]
so i was watching GO, and i noticed how beautiful Scott Wolf is, and I was wondering why are dimples soooo adorable? 

they're just folds of skin.
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[31 Dec 2006|02:32am]
I have a totally irrational fear that Stephen Sondheim is going to die soon.  Is that crazy or what?  Because they say deaths come in threes, and it's been James Brown and Gerald Ford - so it's gotta be somebody else at least close to as important as them, and that's Stephen Sondheim.  I'll cry if that happens...I just listened to Passion and Assassins today in the car on the way down here.

I'm just being irrationally paranoid.
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[29 Dec 2006|03:23am]
Zach: i know as much about PASSION the musical as you do
Me: i dont know about that
Zach: oh yeah?
Zach: I understudied Fosca at school
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[28 Dec 2006|06:27pm]

Television has entered its (second?) Golden Age.  Without further ado, I offer my top television shows of 2006 (as I have practically given up on seeing movies).

1.  The Sopranos (Seasons 1-4), Weeds (Season 1), Six Feet Under (Series Finale):  These are truly shows which transcend the medium of television (as I've said a billion times).  All three find their best moments in their simplest moments.  They are all about the family.  Granted, these are FUCKED UP families, but families nonetheless that anybody can relate to, despite the extreme circumstances.  Each series boasts performances which are nothing short of legendary in their truthfulness and emotional rawness.  Among these performances (and in no way limited to) are:  James Gandolfini and Edie Falco, Mary Louise Parker and Elizabeth Perkins (though Kevin Nealon deserves kudos as well), and the four principals on Six Feet Under, but especially Peter Krause.  The art direction as well transcends that of normal television, particularly the finale of SFU, which was likely one of the most intense dramatic moments I've ever witnessed.  Side Note:  these all premiered before 2006, and I caught up on them this year.

2.  24 (Fox):  Kicking ass and taking names.  Jean Smart and Gregory Itzin as the President and First Lady stand out, but this is Kiefer Sutherland's show.  No show has me on the edge of my seat like this one, or blows me away.  What other show has the balls to put the President at the heart of the major conspiracy?!  None.

3.  Entourage (HBO):  Also, kicks ass and takes names.  This show is shear fun.  Finds the guys relationship and doesnt make it too fratboy.  And it's FUCKING HILARIOUS.  Especially Jeremy Piven as Ari and Rex Lee as his assistant Lloyd.

4.  Dexter (Showtime):  Like no television show I've ever seen.  This show has balls.  It is a dark vision of the life of a vigilante serial killer who also happens to be a forensic detective.  Michael C. Hall makes this show.  His cold and unemotional Dexter is so riveting.  The arc of the season was masterfully constructed, even if it was a tad predictable (I would say it was inevitable).  The one problem I have with the show is that I just don't know where it can go in Season 2 - I was hoping for a darker season finale (a la 24's first season) that would give the show somewhere to go.  But it's a hell of a show.

5.  Lost (ABC):  It's still pretty damn good.  And when they kill off a character, it is an event.  And the mythologies are still cool.  The performances are always effective.  I just wish they could give a little more, but hopefully that's what the last 3/4 of the season will be for.  If anything, the show always gives plenty to talk and think about, and that's refreshing.

6.  Weeds (Season 2) (Showtime):  It started out rough.  REAL rough.  But after embracing its inner soap opera, everything came back together, even if several of the twists were just psychotic.  The great performances are still there, and the suburban satire is still ten times more biting (and funny) than that other show about needy women (see #6).  This is the role that Mary Louise Parker was meant to play; her boiling performance is understated and a thing of art.

7.  Desperate Housewives (ABC):  For one episode, at least.  The Supermarket Hostage episode.  I think I balled almost as much as I did at the Six Feet Under Series Finale.  It took a gimmick episode, and loaded so much heart and pain and fear and emotion that it truly transcended the gimmick.  Also, the performances on this show have been very good, and the writing (though it becomes redundant) is always entertaining.  Also, the storyline about Bree and her son was delivered very well.

8.  Brothers and Sisters (ABC):  OK, so it's not "great", but it has so much going for it.  Sally Field alone is a great reason to watch this show.  She says more with a look than anybody else can say in an hour of dialogue.  The show offers some cliched situations, but at least the actors can rise about it - and what great actors:  Rachel Griffiths, Calista Flockhart (fuck you, she's good!), in addition to the amazing Sally Field as the matriarch of this family.  But two actors especially stand out:  Dave Annable as Justin, the troubled Gulf War II Veteran / recovering drug addict son, and Matthew Rhys as Kevin, the successful gay lawyer / Momma's boy who just can't keep a boyfriend.  This show is pure family drama, not irony like Weeds and Desperate Housewives offer.  And that's actually refreshing.  The dramatic moments are true and topical, something that is difficult to pull off, but when they do, it's a hell of a show.  It's not for everyone, but I'll keep on watching.

9.  Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (NBC):  Speaking of great casts, this one trumps, slightly.  It's funny and interesting.  Sorkin's dialogue is genius. Sarah Paulson is the most interesting character, as a conservative in the heart of a Hollywood lefty satire.  Also, Nate Corddry and D.L. Hughley are alternatively hilarious and effective when necessary.  And it's great to see Matthew Perry in such a good role; he's one of my favorite actors ever.

10.  (tie) Daybreak (ABC):  It's found a way to keep things interesting (i.e. the same day, different shit premise), but can it keep it up through the rest of it's run?  Well, we'll see.  For now, it's pretty damn good, and Taye Diggs is effective as this bizarro-Jack Bauer.
10.  (tie) 30 Rock (NBC):  It was pretty good, particularly the premiere.  And the script is SO Tina Fey.  It hasn't been as good since that, however, but hopefully it's just temporary.  But Alec Baldwin has found his best role.

The Rest:
Project Runway (Bravo):  Fuck Jeffrey.  He's a douchebag fucker.
Daily Show / Colbert Report (Comedy Central):  I can't go to sleep without The Word.
Futurama / Family Guy / American Dad (Fox / Adult Swim):  Repeated viewings of each (especially Futurama) unlock the subtleties of the comedy.  The time travel episode of American Dad, in which Stan has to shoot Ronald Reagan was especially shocking and hilarious.
Venture Bros. / Robot Chicken (Adult Swim):  Always risky and shocking.  Usually funny subversions and satires.
How I Met Your Mother (CBS):  Sweet and funny.  Not something that can be truly said about a sitcom these days.  In fact, it may be the only good traditional sitcom still on television.  Props to Neil Patrick Harris, he's fucking hilarious.
So NoTORIous (VH1):  Funny satire of a reality show.  Tori Spelling has balls and a sense of humor.  I love her.
Chelsea Handler Show (E!):  Sure, it's a white girl rip off of Chappelle's Show, but it's still pretty funny, and Chelsea has a distinct sense of humor.  And balls.  And at this point we all know how much I love balls.
Veronica Mars (Season 1) (UPN):  I rented the DVD and only saw the first four episodes, but I loved it!  Kristen Bell has such a great presence.  I really need to watch the rest.

Heroes (NBC)
Grey's Anatomy (ABC)
The Nine (ABC)


Beauty and the Geek (Season 3) (CW):  MY COUSIN IS GOING TO KICK ASS!!!
24 (Season 6) (Fox):  JACK BAUER IS GONNA KICK MORE ASS!!!
Lost (the rest of Season 3) (ABC):  It better kick ass.  OR I'M GONNA KICK A LOT OF ASS!!!
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[06 Dec 2006|04:08am]
OK so my cousin is going to be on BEAUTY AND THE GEEK, and this is his profile on the official website:

DREW (Trekker)

Age: 21
Hometown: Brookfield, Illinois
Current Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Education: Double majoring in Finance and Entrepreneurship with a minor in Philosophy at Marquette University.
Occupation: Student and Operations Analyst Intern.
Interests: "I like 'Star Trek' and enjoy celebrating my Polish heritage."


He has the SAWA family down!

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tooting my horn [03 Dec 2006|11:03pm]
[ mood | full (of myself) ]

This weekend has been the best weekend of my life.

My personal and professional lives came together to create what I believe is the best thing I have ever done, like in my life. Jesus Hopped The A Train went spectacularly. The show itself was beautiful and funny and meaningful. The minimalistic staging worked so well. The actors nailed their parts (and the lines). The cues were great (at least on the second show).

I poured all of my energy and hopes and dreams into this show, and it paid off. I don't think I've ever seen such a huge project and responsibility like this all the way to the end before. I don't think I've ever faced such ridiculously crazy obstacles like I did during the course of this run. I don't think I've ever been so proud in my life.

I can do this. For the rest of my life, I will work in the theatre. I've learned so much during this process, and I'm going to take it with me.

The only thing I wish was different was that more people came to see the show. I'm not going to bitch too much about it here, but it truly was ridiculous to me who didn't come to the show that should have. There were people with real conflicts that I understand, and the storm was a bitch, but still there was very little excuse considering how many people went to other shows and how important they knew this was to me.

But the thing is, I know how good the show was. The second performance, at least, was EXACTLY how I wanted it to be. I didn't need people to tell me it was good, I knew. But the standing ovation was good for my ego (obviously).

So what's next? I'd like to do another freestage next semester, but I hope I get into Our Town so I don't have to be part of the festival, because it's just too much to have 7-8 shows going on at the same time. I'm going to act for a while until I find another script that speaks to me on a tremendously personal level.

I'm starting to think that grad school's going to be the thing for me. But I'm going to wait for a few years. I want some time without school. I need some real world experience (I'm so naive right now). But eventually I think I want to teach in a university. There's a lotta shit that needs to be fixed even in what I believe is a fantastic theatre department. I can do that.

Shit, I can do anything.

p.s. I know I'm on a total ego trip right now, please forgive me. I really do just need to take it in for a while.

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[28 Nov 2006|11:18pm]

Yes, that's right! That's my name in the "Directed By" slot. That means you need to get your asses out of your computer chairs and see my motherfuckin show! I am very proud of it, and it is going to rock everybody's asses off!

Friday at 5:30, Saturday at 8:30

Did I mention it's free?!
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[21 Nov 2006|08:54pm]
OMG so i got this myspace message today from this kid in jacksonville who knows my cousin mike (who i havent actually talked to in years).  so he left a message to say what's up ...

(...which...unrelated...i'm confused - i thought what's up was a question, but has it become a greeting?  because i've just been answering it, when perhaps i should be saying what's up back like hello or something)

... so this kid though is gay (at least his myspace says so).  so i'm guessing my cousin mike (a) knows i'm gay (which means probly 90% of my cousins know) and (b) doesn't give a shit to the point that he would refer his gay friend to me via myspace. 

i love my family so much.  despite my worries, they've proved to me time and again how strong we are as a group.  it's truly amazing.
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[20 Nov 2006|02:47am]


without revealing anything...um...it was eventful.  FUCK WAS IT EVENTFUL!
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[01 Nov 2006|02:04am]
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[27 Oct 2006|03:01am]
yeah i can just start and finish my 4 page geology paper tomorrow.  I'll have a whole 4 hours tomorrow afternoon.

perhaps senioritis has officially kicked in.  :)
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[12 Oct 2006|01:45am]
Mean Girls + The Office + Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip = 30 Rock.

and i couldn't be happier.  easily the best sitcom i've seen in a long time.  let's just hope it keeps getting better beyond the hilarious pilot
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oh, stephen, how you understand me!!! [07 Oct 2006|01:35am]
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thoughts on new tv shows. [01 Oct 2006|09:59pm]
man, Brothers and Sisters is just SO CLOSE to being a good tv show.  the actors are fantastic.  the drama is there...it's just misused.  but i'll keep on watching.  it's one of those shows where you know it's not that great, but you still wanna watch.  i mean, come on rachel griffiths and sally field.  calista flockhart isnt too bad either.

about the same thing to be said for "Heroes".  it has major potential, but right now is pretty crappy.

unlike Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.  definitely the best new show i've seen so far this season, and i hope it keeps up it's amazingness.  although i hate it when steven weber plays schmucky roles.  i just hate him when he does that.
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